Steven Shayani, MD, FACC, FASNC

Specializes in the atherosclerosis, cardiac arrhythmia, metabolic syndrome, hypercholesterolemia, congestive heart failure, and myocardial infarction.

Steven M. Zeldis, MD, FACC

Board Certified in internal medicine, and cardiovascular disease and highly specialized in Cardiac CT Imaging.

Patricia Hodnett, RN, MSN, CCRC

Patricia has worked on numerous clinical trials in her career and helped several life altering medications come to market.

Chu-Huang (Mendel) Chen, M.D, Ph.D

Dr. Chen is Director of Vascular and Medicinal Research at Texas Heart Institute with specialty in vascular biology and research interests in lipid and lipoprotein biochemistry and medicinal research.

Benjamin Ghodsi, CPA

Ben is currently the chief Financial Officer of Long Island Heart Associates, the premier cardiology practice on Long Island, serving Nassau, Queens, and the surrounding areas.