Maintenance MRO Software

Use CloudVisit’s MRO software to maximize efficiency and quality control in safety inspections. Our remote inspection software combines real time videocommunication technology with industry-specific functionalities. Our improved communication technology now allows you and your staff to remotely inspect work on distant job sites. You never have to leave your office, and can save time and travel costs.

Modern businesses utilize videoconferencing on a routine basis for conference calls between multiple people in various locations. The time has come to expand this technology into the production environment, and CloudVisit MRO software is leading the way. We have created more efficient project management using multi-purpose checklists, paperless cloud storage, screen capture technology, and annotated images to document repairs. Recordings of video conferences with time stamps will direct you back to a specific moment within a recording, empowering you to have proof of a successful inspection.

CloudVisit Telecom - innovative remote inspection technology
Engineer inspecting a cell phone communications tower

It is difficult and costly to find qualified experts to send to job sites in order to conduct quality control inspections. This obstacle is a thing of the past. Quality inspectors can now work from their office, regardless of geographic location. These experts are now available at any time to inspect work done on a project site. This results in significant cost and time savings. There is no longer downtime while your inspector is in transit from one job site to the next. Your team members can now jump from job site to job site instantaneously while saving costly travel expenses.

CloudVisit’s MRO software will allow you to complete your jobs correctly the first time. Companies integrating remote inspection platforms have seen 33% decreases in defects and 67% reductions in returned site visits and a whopping 90% reduction in audit defects per site. Join these companies today and see the same benefits.

Add MRO software into your company’s workflow and join the new era of maintenance, repair and inspection. Request a free demo today.