About CloudVisit Remote Inspection software

Remote video inspection and collaboration platform

CloudVisit Remote Inspection Software

Modern businesses utilize videoconferencing on a routine basis for conference calls between multiple people in various locations. The time has come to expand this technology for all industries requiring inspection, maintenance, quality assurance, and operations of complex infrastructure. CloudVisit leads the way.

CloudVisit’s platform transforms how organizations communicate and work, creating opportunities that were not possible before. This video communication and collaboration platform connects people through flawless high-definition video, voice, chat and digital content sharing, and enables real-time face-to-face video experiences across a range of diverse devices and remote locations.

Maximize efficiency and quality control in safety inspections

CloudVisit Remote Inspection software enhances the process of several types of commercial or consumer inspections with efficient project management tools. The software combines real time video communication technology with industry-specific functionalities:

  • Robust appointment creation features
  • Paperless digital checklists
  • Screen capture and image annotation
  • Video recording and timestamps
  • Cloud-based visual data collection and storage
  • Inspection report generation
  • And more

CloudVisit’s software enhances communication between clients, inspectors, technicians, and personnel enabling rapid decision making with increased accuracy, reducing the time of inspections and audits. This collaboration and data management technology allows to remotely inspect and document work on distant job sites. Technicians, crew or personnel who are already onsite share a live video of the subject matter with a remote expert who conducts the inspection remotely. Inspectors never have to leave their office, saving time and travel expenses, and maximizing their expert availability.

Customized white label versions of CloudVisit are available. One customization allows users to capture recordings of the videoconference and use a virtual checklist. This can be useful in multiple use cases, especially in a business environment.

CloudVisit is ready to solve your business’ remote connectivity and collaboration challenges

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