Telemedicine Marketing Services

As an industry leader in medical website design and marketing, we can help you promote your telemedicine or telepsychiatry services and reach new patients.

CloudVisit Telemedicine offers the following marketing services:

Practice logo design

Make your practice stand out with a unique logo design that can be used on your website and office stationery. Logos increase the visibility of your practice and make it more identifiable. To see examples of our medical logo design work please visit: CloudVisit Client Logo Gallery

Copywriting and content optimization

Increase your search engine ranking through unique site copy and optimization. CloudVisit Telemedicine will work with you to identify your core practice goals, specialties, and unique methods of care. We’ll write original content to harness the power of search engines and increase overall site traffic.

Press release writing and publishing

Press releases are a tried and true form of marketing. By writing and publishing a press release, news of your telemedicine services will be distributed to agencies around the country. These releases are published by a range of third-party news companies and organizations, naturally increasing the visibility of your practice.

Online videos

CloudVisit Telemedicine will help spread awareness about your practice and your online sessions by producing a series of unique videos posted to popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Online videos are a major component of Internet marketing, and relevant videos are highly ranked and prominently displayed in Google searches. This solution is ideal for helping small and private practices attract new patients.

Full practice website

Need a website? CloudVisit Telemedicine offers a variety of web design services. Depending on your needs and budget, we can give you a full-featured website that allows for the management of patients and telepsychiatry sessions or a more unique and fully customized solution that truly fits your brand and identity. To see examples of our medical website design work please visit:
CloudVisit Client Website Gallery

Print materials

We offer solutions for printed materials, including business cards, stationery, and newsletters. We can also create and print a unique practice brochure to help spread the word about your telemedicine sessions. Share them with existing patients and encourage them to refer friends and family.

Pay-Per-Click (Google AdWords) marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has become a common form of marketing on the Internet. The premise is simple: you create a campaign using specific key phrases. When a user searches for one of those particular phrases on Google, your advertisement will be prominently displayed at the top of the page.

Despite the simplicity of how it works, it can be difficult and time consuming to set up and optimize; especially for beginners. We’re here to help. After discussing your specific needs and target audience, we’ll create a targeted PPC campaign to attract patients in your licensed state(s).

Deluxe Marketing Package

Our deluxe marketing package brings our most popular options together into one bundle and includes the following services:

Logo design

Copywriting and content optimization

Custom telepsychiatry brochure

Internet marketing (videos)

Press release writing and publishing

As a bundle, these services are offered at 15% off the standard price.  For more information about our additional marketing services, please call us at: 845-809-5770