The Checklist is at the Heart of CloudVisit’s Remote Video Inspection Software

CloudVisit Remote Inspection software offers an integrated and flexible inspection checklist. This is a key feature that is not available in other virtual inspection software. To use the feature simply take a project’s scope of work and translate it into a spread sheet based inspection test plan.

The features shown below ensure that CloudVisit’s Inspection software is robust enough to handle the needs of any project. It is also versatile enough to allow adjustments to be made on the fly. For example, if a deviation from an initial work scope is required to successfully complete a project.


Remote Inspection Features List

What can be accomplished using CloudVisit Remote Inspection software?

  • Ability to map up to 6 checklist columns from any Excel file upon import. The columns each provide specific functions to streamline the inspection process
  • Define status values based on passing and failing scores to track the completion of a deliverable
  • Add new rows and modify row order after the checklist is imported
  • Multiple session types to choose from, which define how the checklist works within an inspection session
  • Record multiple videos directly into a checklist row
  • Upload multiple photographs directly into a checklist row from both desktop and mobile devices
  • Annotate still images and share with the team to better explain why a deliverable item is considered deficient
  • Add timecodes with hyperlinks that jump to the exact moment an inspection item is listed in the recorded video upon playback
  • Add hyperlinks to documentation and completion evidence to easily share with stakeholders
  • Import additional checklists as phases of the project are completed
  • Compile a final master video recording from the checklist rows to share with customers, auditors and government regulators
  • Export the completed checklist evidence back to its original format, or as a photo report

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