New York Heart Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of diagnostic and treatment options for cardiovascular disease.



Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance clinical practice and promotion of scientific inquiry, to improve communication within the medical community, and to advance educational programs for the benefit of healthcare professionals and the general population.

Through research and education, heart disease that has a significant impact on quality of life can be prevented and/or successfully treated in adults. Lifestyle education at the earliest level, combined with the latest in the state-of-the-art research (using both pharmaceutical and diagnostic treatment options), can foster our goals for each individual to achieve a lifetime of good heart health.


What We Do

The New York Heart Research Foundation aspires to share knowledge gained through its research with physicians and researchers throughout the United States, in hopes of enhancing the quality of life for heart disease patients. In addition, the New York Heart Research Foundation fully supports and collaborates with various academic and community institutions dedicated to patient-oriented research.

The New York Heart Research Foundation’s efforts through various modes of research are to combat cardiovascular disease, and to discover viable preventative treatment options which would ensure the reduction of current mortality statistics due to cardiovascular disease.

The NYHRF has a dedicated staff of experts physicians, certified clinical research coordinators, and a trained research staff. Our designated research suite offers private exam rooms, laboratory, and locked pharmacy. The NYHRF also utilizes Central IRB’s review process for clinical trials.

The NYHRF works closely with the doctors of Long Hear Island Associates to provide patients with the most innovative treatment options.