Remote Inspection Software Improves Workplace Safety in a COVID-19 World

Keeping safe prior to this year meant taking reasonable precautions to prevent physical injury on a job site. Maybe in a job safety analysis, crews typically were only required to have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. In the age of Corona, safety concerns have gone up exponentially. Today, workplace safety includes masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. No one expected conditions like these a year ago. Of course, this is due to the widespread reach of Covid-19 and the unpredictable long-term effect of carrying this contagion even if one is not symptomatic. This is one reason why CloudVisit’s Remote Inspection Software is making a difference in removing the necessity of extra levels of contact for the completion of work projects.

A Quick Refresher on COVID-19

For those living in Antarctica, you may have missed the news. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID-19 and can cause illness ranging from mild to severe and, even fatality in some cases. The easy spread of this virus has led to a need to revisit the rules surrounding occupational health and safety and a search for solutions that would alleviate these conditions.

Cloudvisit’s Remote Inspection Solution

CloudVisit has always existed to ensure good health. After all, CloudVisit was originally developed as a telemedicine platform. The software’s reporting and note-taking functionality was modified to become a practical solution for remote inspection services, using Video Conferencing.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends keeping a minimum of six-foot distance when interacting with others in the workplace. CloudVisit’s software has an even better approach to social distancing. Geographic distance is irrelevant using CloudVisit’s Remote Inspection software. This keeps inspectors out of harm’s way by working remotely.

In addition to the social distancing protocols resulting from the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Remote Inspections increase work safety overall. Keeping inspectors out of a job site reduces the risk for unexpected work-related injuries. For example, there is no chance that the inspector working remotely can fall off a scaffolding if he or she is conducting the inspection from the safety of an office chair.

Remote Inspection Software Improves Workplace Safety

Future Indicators

Covid-19 is but another variation of the SARS virus. There will be new variants in the future as this one mutates. In an increasingly crowded world, precautions taken during this period will demand permanent changes to the way that the world goes to work. In previous times it would be enough if a person felt sick to avoid work for a day or two, and no harm was done. Today, tight scheduling and high costs require more than luck or simple innovations to avoid needless delays. Thankfully, Cloudvisit offers an alternative to allow workers to finish work and yet maintain a level of social distancing that was not feasible in the past.

CloudVisit to the Rescue

CloudVisit’s innovative Remote Inspection Software removes or greatly lessens the need for workers to take unnecessary risks as their projects are completed. This video conferencing technology allows for an inspector to review a crew’s work without ever visiting a work site. Now, someone at a work site can have strong interactivity with a supervisor and yet feel the relief of not being at risk due to close proximity to this disease or the next one. A supervisor can work remotely and keep physical contact to a bare minimum while still having a close eye on the work being performed. The possibility for a project being stopped due to illness is less likely as the persons considered most crucial to the continuation of a project (the supervisor or inspector) can often manage even with some level of illness as most work – if not all can be checked from a distance. CloudVisit is making this happen for people in work sites around the globe. CloudVisit’s Remote Inspection software optimizes worker health and safety without compromises.

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