Replace MRO Inspection Forms With a Remote Inspection Software Solution

Safe infrastructure necessitates maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO). To perform MRO effectively, a list must be prepared of each task needed to complete a project, so that the project meets inspection standards and regulations. Companies use form software to streamline this traditional inspection process. Form software enables quality inspectors to create and manage a digital list (or form) of tasks needed to complete an inspection. Yet form software is not the most effective type of documentation, and mainly relies upon written description or checkboxes to record the work that has been performed. This type of documentation is incomplete and cannot provide substantial records detailing a problem. The majority of the time, more sensory information—such as video and audio recordings, or images, can provide a more complete scope of a problem. This is why many industries are looking for a new and innovative solution like CloudVisit’s remote inspection software.


What Are The Benefits of CloudVisit’s Complete Remote Inspection Package?

Inspectors who use form software must still return to a site to approve the work that has been done. Unlike form software, maintenance teams that use CloudVisit’s MRO Software can review visual inspection data, and do not require an inspector to be present on site. Instead, inspectors can collaborate with on-site technicians as if they were in-person-on-site through videoconferencing and chats.

Form software has limited capabilities. It is mainly used to list tasks, and document each task’s status. CloudVisit’s MRO Software reaches beyond these limitations to provide comprehensive inspections. Promoting collaboration between inspectors, technicians, and mechanics, MRO Software enables each step of the inspection to be completed in real-time, saving paper and providing a secure digital history that is easy to track.

CloudVisit’s MRO Software is a complete package that enables the entire inspection to be recorded in real-time and saved to the cloud for quality assurance. While the maintenance team may choose to include written descriptions, it is not a necessity. Video and audio recordings provide high-quality evidence of repair. All this is completed without an inspector traveling to the site. CloudVisit’s MRO Software maximizes efficiency while providing leading solutions through remote inspection.


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