Customizable Inspection Software Solution for Any Industry by CloudVisit

Quality control is a necessity in today’s marketplace. If your finished product ever requires inspection personnel to visit a remote location, CloudVisit simplifies your workflow. Many companies and industry leaders are now adopting software applications to improve service, product quality, reduce wasted time and expenses, promote safety, and confirm compliance in the field by streamlining operations. The inspection software created by CloudVisit enhances the process of several types of commercial or consumer inspections with paperless digital checklists, cloud-based visual data collection, inspection report generation, and convenient appointment creation features. The platform is designed with flexibility in mind, so no matter what your experts need to inspect, your completion evidence can be collected and organized in a manner that suits your workflow.


Create custom paperless forms

CloudVisit now offers customizable digital forms for any type of overview that you are conducting. No matter what your industry or quality assurance type is, your walkthroughs, maintenance, or inspection projects can be conducted using, CloudVisit. The new and improved interface and user experience of CloudVisit’s desktop and mobile applications enable companies and organizations to build custom inspection forms using a drag-and-drop builder tool. No coding knowledge or dealing with technical support is necessary! The user-friendly interface allows admins to customize every field of the inspection appointment creation form.

Using CloudVisit’s customizable inspection template builder, admin level users can choose the type of entry field they want to be added to their forms. For example, remote experts can choose from simple text, a dropdown menu, a checkbox, or date selection fields when setting up an inspection form. Each type of field can be managed separately, including user permissions setting and CSV file uploads to eliminate time-consuming manual entries. Want to include your company’s brand on your organization’s portal? No problem! The system allows customers to customize their online portal by uploading their own company’s logo for a complete white-labeled remote inspection software package.


Capture and record data with customizable checklists

For every industry, organization systems and workflows are the key elements when it comes to identifying issues and incidents in the inspection process. A checklist is usually the foundation of a well-organized site inspection. The type of checklist also matters in this case. That is why CloudVisit created digital customizable inspection checklists to maximize operational, reporting and productivity goals. A scheduler, inspector or site manager can import a custom checklist from Excel or CSV file into a scheduled session.

During a real-time session, while using the uploaded digital checklist, a remote inspector can capture every detail of the project with GPS-tracked photo annotations, screenshots, audio and video recordings. Participants can attach images and other files, as well as capture live and pre-recorded videos for each deliverable item in the checklist for the manager’s review. Easy checklist and appointment management tools allow inspectors and managers to assign and notify responsible people for the most efficient real-time inspection data collection, project management, completion and acceptance.


Using more than one system? CloudVisit can help.

You have a large organization with a multitude of departments and operational needs. You want the systems you use to communicate seamlessly with each other for optimal efficiency. We get it. CloudVisit can assist in integrating with third-party software or other backend systems using an API or custom development for the instant distribution of accurate inspection and related data. Whether you have a user management system, a project submission system, other internal or client-focused software, CloudVisit will seamlessly integrate to maximize profitability and workforce productivity.


Modernize and transform your industry’s remote inspection

CloudVisit remote inspection software allows for numerous ways to customize the system to function the way you do business. Build a custom inspection form, upload and customize your checklist, and conduct your video and/or photo inspection using this cloud-based system. Whether the inspection appointment is created to observe a construction site or a government building, an engine, a car accident damage or repairs, heavy equipment, HVAC setup, fire protection system, electrical wiring or plumbing – the possibilities with CloudVisit’s form creation, checklist builder, and video inspection tools are endless.

With the ability to support thousands of locations worldwide, how can CloudVisit help modernize and transform the inspection process for your organization to drive business efficiency and profitability? Give us a call or send a message to start your transformation.

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