Translate your quality process into a digital site inspection checklist

While using video inspection software, safety officers, inspectors and supervisors can conduct audits to identify potential hazards and then determine if any corrections are necessary for project acceptance. CloudVisit’s digital site inspection checklists can save significant time with streamlined data collection and reporting for a range of multiple industries.

Say no to handwritten checklists

Traditional paper checklists are time-consuming, wasteful, and maybe illegible or unclear due to manual pen-to-paper entries. They allow for errors and uncertainty as each inspector may enter the information in their own handwritten way. Not to mention traditional paper reports and checklists can get lost or damaged. This compromises the entire project, putting the company at a costly disadvantage and potentially leads to a lost client. CloudVisit can help you digitize your site inspection and help optimize business operational processes.

CloudVisit Remote Inspection software makes paper checklists obsolete

Faster, more accessible inspections – anytime, anywhere

CloudVisit video inspection software is typically used by remote inspectors from a desktop computer. The remote inspectors can observe on-site crew members who are connecting to sessions via their mobile or tablet devices. CloudVisit’s mobile app can be used within an active inspection session or uploaded on their own. This allows crew members to collect and upload data at remote locations without the need for an inspector in the active session. With CloudVisit’s video inspection software, site supervisors, managers and crew spend more time fixing problems and improving safety, and less time on paper recordkeeping.

Digitized inspection process with online checklists

CloudVisit’s versatile video conferencing and inspection software tool with custom online checklists takes remote site inspection to the next level. CloudVisit offers a digitally customizable build-your-own, step-by-step checklist import process for easy editing and management.

Photo evidence: digital photographic proof of an inspection conveys site overview results better than handwritten notes and paper documents. Photos can be taken on the job site from a live video feed or uploaded by a remote expert, or crew member directly into a specific checklist deliverable item.

Video recording: live videos can be recorded in segments or continuously, depending on the type of audit, walkthrough or inspection selected by the manager. If during a live session the remote inspector identifies safety issues or corrections, additional live or pre-recorded videos can be uploaded to each deliverable item within the checklist during, or after session completion.

As each checklist item is reviewed during a remote video session, the site inspector can indicate individual passing or failing status values. Automated notifications are then sent alerting crewmembers of any necessary corrections. When adjustments and repairs are completed on the site, the session can be resumed, or the crew can simply add corrected digital proofs directly into the checklist. All of the captured evidence can be stamped with geolocation and date and time metadata. This ensures that the evidence collected is from the corresponding jobsite and project.

Once corrections are submitted into the necessary checklist rows, a site manager can compile video and photographic proofs of the entire inspection process into one final video recording for customer review and acceptance. All of this data can be stored within the cloud for easy access by both you and your customers.

CloudVisit can enhance and support your remote inspection processes 

CloudVisit’s comprehensive data analytics and reporting feature provide an overview of valuable insights of frequently failed items. This allows site inspectors to see the trends of each job performance and identify root problems.

Using CloudVisit’s remote inspection software with digital project checklists will reduce human error and increase operational efficiency, resulting in more accurate remote site inspections.

Need help converting your existing job inspection and acceptance to a cost-saving, time-saving, more compliant and efficient process? CloudVisit can help. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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