What Is MRO Software?

What is MRO?

MRO is the acronym for Maintenance, repair, and operations. The term ‘MRO’ encompasses the general operations and practices used to keep a critical asset up and running. This critical asset could be an airplane, a wind turbine, a residential or commercial building, a facility such as a nuclear power plant, or another important asset.

MRO operations and procedures include functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing necessary devices, equipment, machinery, and supporting utilities of critical assets. These practices can be provided before a failure (such as preventative maintenance) or after. One example of routine work is the maintenance and repairs completed to keep an airplane safe, or the work needed in order to repair a cracked blade of a wind turbine.


MRO Software

Traditionally, on site aircraft technicians and/or mechanics perform the necessary work (such as maintenance of an aircraft engine). An inspector visits each site, reviews the maintenance and repairs made, and approves that the work has been completed up to all standards and regulations.

CloudVisit developed MRO Software to build communication and collaboration, and streamline MRO workflow. Maintenance teams must schedule and organize tasks, and all work performed must meet industry standards and government regulations. Remote collaboration continues to be key to a successful inspection. CloudVisit MRO Software’s offers leading collaborative functionalities such as videoconferencing, video and audio recordings, image annotation, and chats.


MRO Software Applies to MRO Across Multiple Industries

Infrastructures or assets which require the installation and upkeep of critical assets require MRO. Wind farms cannot generate energy without working wind turbines, and the telecommunication industry cannot provide mobile service without cell towers. While these industries may seem very different, they actually have quite a lot in common. Each industry needs to have a technician on site to ensure these infrastructures or assets are working to optimal performance. In the case of both wind turbines and cell towers, technicians must climb these high towers or turbines in order to perform their jobs. CloudVisit’s MRO Software offers efficient solutions to increase safety, and maximize accuracy and profitability. CloudVisit offers software for aviation, construction, telecommunications, maritime, transportation, and energy. Energy sectors currently served include wind energy, solar energy, hybrid energy, hydrogen fuel, nuclear decommissioning, hydroelectricity, natural gas, and oil.

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