Aviation photo screenshot: Visual inspection

Technological Advancements in Aviation Maintenance

Screen Capture

  • Use CloudVisit’s MRO software to perform aviation safety inspections. Capture screen shots during an active video recording, or while playing back a recording. Store these images in the cloud for later verification of quality control during aircraft repair and aircraft airworthiness.
  • Crop images or mark them with notes, arrows, lines, or circles to draw attention to aircraft maintenance tasks that must be completed during aircraft line maintenance or base maintenance. Clearly indicate specific aircraft repairs, and the status of maintenance using these markings. Improve quality assurance through this visual inspection, record the aircraft safety inspection, and archive the images in the cloud for paperless aviation maintenance records.
  • CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software integrates with third party devices such as a borescope or smart glasses to ensure quality control during inspection. Capture images both inside and outside of the aircraft during repair and maintenance. For example, use CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software to capture images within an engine to confirm abnormal contamination, and save visual records in the cloud to ensure aircraft airworthiness.
  • Save an annotated image in the cloud, and rename it to make it easily searchable. Label images by aircraft (such as helicopter, drone, airliner, or jet) and model, date of repair, the technician involved in the inspection, and more.
  • Create a link to each image saved within the cloud, and embed the link into the aircraft inspection checklist. Share this link through email with on site technicians, off site inspectors, and anyone involved in the aircraft inspection, line or base maintenance.
  • Use screen captured images as proof of the quality of aircraft maintenance, repair and inspection, and to confirm the airworthiness of the aircraft.
  • Use paperless cloud storage to archive all aircraft inspection data including notes, chats, marked images, screen shots, uploaded images, video and audio recordings, or of images captured by a wearable device or borescope.
  • CloudVisit’s Aviation Maintenance Software maximizes aviation safety and efficiency, and can be used in many types of maintenance including aircraft line maintenance and base maintenance.

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