How does CloudVisit’s Aviation Maintenance Software’s aviation inspection checklist feature work?

Use the aircraft inspection checklist to ensure quality control of aviation safety; maintenance, inspection and repairs. Inspectors create the aircraft inspection checklist, which serves as work cards, and details each task that the on site technicians must perform. Aircraft inspection checklists can be used for an individual aircraft, or used to perform line and base maintenance on a fleet of aircraft. The checklist can include inks to captured images during maintenance, timestamp recordings, and notes. The aviation maintenance team can update the status of each work item, make comments, and use labels to organize data. Aircraft inspection data is paperless and archived in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing saved data.

Request a demo so the CloudVisit team can show you how all features of the multi-purpose checklist can be used to maximize efficiency and accuracy in aircraft maintenance, and increase aviation safety.

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