CloudVisit Launches Its Telemedicine Blog: Talk Telemedicine

Telemedicine software provider CloudVisit Telemedicine announces the release of its new telemedicine blog: – entitled “Talk Telemedicine.” Written internally by the CloudVisit staff, the blog will feature telemedicine-related topics including telemedicine advantages, security, new parity laws, advantages for doctors and patients, the evolution of medicine, and more.

The company has announced its first Talk Telemedicine blog post to be published on July 1, with weekly posts on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. EST. The blog will be an informational resource for telemedicine information for both providers and patients.

Continuing to prove its leadership in the telemedicine industry, CloudVisit is a one-stop source for both obtaining telemedicine software and learning about the growth of medicine – specifically, the impact of technology on healthcare.

Talk Telemedicine at is targeted towards medical professionals and the general public. Everyone is encouraged to comment and discuss each blog topic. With these interactions, CloudVisit strives to spread informational material about telemedicine, whether through sharing the link or word-of-mouth.