Fly Fearlessly With Remote Aircraft Inspections: CloudVisit Aviation Increases Safety and Quality Assurance

CloudVisit Aviation is raising the bar of aircraft safety inspections with the release of new remote aviation maintenance and inspection software. “We’re making the aviation industry safer for everyone while maximizing productivity and increasing asset uptime,” asserted CEO and Founder of CloudVisit Aviation, Daniel Gilbert.

In May 2018, a coalition of 16 industry associations called upon the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to normalize remote connectivity inspections. CloudVisit has 15 years experience developing software that exceeds government and industry safety regulations, demonstrating its expertise in safety control.

Human Error in Aircraft Inspection

Currently, aviation experts are traveling from site to site in order to provide safety, quality control, and maintenance inspections. The scarcity of aviation industry experts means high travel demands, resulting in fatigue and time stress. When combined with a lack of adequate procedures, worksite distractions, or a workplace that is too hot or too cold, the human error increases exponentially.

Additionally, there are multitudes of paperwork involved, and modest, if any visual and audio records. FAA-certified mechanics may easily misplace or lose their logbooks, further jeopardizing safety inspection records. In one instance, the failure to replace horizontal stabilizer screws on a Continental Express Aircraft resulted in 14 deaths. This failure could have been avoided, and people’s lives saved.

Remote Aviation Maintenance Software Mitigates Human Error

CloudVisit Aviation prides itself in rigorous inspection management that combines video conferencing with remote project inspection. The remote inspection software includes features such as multi-purpose checklists so that no step is ever overlooked. A Pratt and Whitney Study concluded that the most common quality lapse was that 56 percent were due to the omission of a key step. When using CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software, a project cannot be accepted by an aircraft inspector without a completed punch list.

Furthermore, all data—including meetings, visual images, and audio recordings, are all archived in the cloud for immaculate record keeping. These documentations can be called upon to enforce safety regulations and validate quality assurance steps were implemented and approved. Overall, CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software will increase safety and streamline workflow. Experts can be called upon immediately to approve inspections, increasing aircraft inspection turnover and decreasing aircraft on ground (AOG) situations.

About CloudVisit 

CloudVisit Aviation provides leading-edge aircraft maintenance software, which integrates remote project management with quality control. Our software maximizes efficiency while reducing cost and time. CloudVisit is backed by 15 years of success in software programming, video conferencing and telecommunications with a proven record of excellence, efficiency and security. For questions about our leading aviation quality control and inspection software, or to request a no-obligation demo, call 845-809-5770.


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