Bariatric Telemedicine Helps Keep the Weight Off

Home Health Devices and Video Consultations Through CloudVisit Telemedicine Help Patients Maintain Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

COLD SPRING, NY–(Marketwired – Jun 5, 2014) – An overwhelming majority of Americans are currently dieting or exercising in an attempt to lose or maintain weight, yet a whopping 93 percent admit to struggling with their goals. For the more than one-third of Americans plagued by obesity, that effort is even more challenging. Gastric bypass surgery is considered a highly effective weight loss option for obese patients, but the procedure is never billed as a quick fix. That’s where CloudVisit Telemedicine, makers of an innovative SaaS (software as a service) telemedicine, telehealth and telepsychiatry platform can help.
Experts agree that without long-term support, it can be difficult for gastric bypass patients to establish and maintain lifelong healthy habits. CloudVisit’s fully integrated telemedicine and telepsychiatry platforms make bariatric telemedicine safe, affordable, and easy. CloudVisit’s HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform fortifies the provider-patient relationship through Bluetooth health monitoring devices, a health-tracker mobile app, and secure video appointments with the power to transform post-bariatric lives. They even offer private label bariatric platforms with supporting co-branded devices.
“For bariatric surgeons, CloudVisit video appointments and integrated body health analyzers bring the patient relationship full circle,” said Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine. “Everything from the very first surgeon-patient meeting to long-term post-surgical support can happen privately and efficiently online.”
Countless studies have documented the logical association between dedication to healthy habits and long-term weight maintenance. Equally measured are the physical benefits of achieving and sustaining a healthy weight and body mass index. According to a 2010 Swedish study, 60 percent of bariatric patients are successful with long-term weight loss. However, 51 percent of the female participants struggle with negative eating behaviors such as binge eating or night eating.
CloudVisit helps bariatric surgeons establish telemedicine programs, allowing them to deliver cost-effective support on a continuing basis. Scheduled video consultations facilitate the ongoing dietary instruction, exercise encouragement, and psychological help critical to post-bariatric long-term success. Each encounter is fortified by real-time health data from affordable devices such as in-home body health analyzers and blood pressure machines. Important bariatric metrics like weight, body mass index (BMI), and body fat percentage are sent directly to the patient’s mobile app and then onto the bariatric surgeon.
“Our technology is very manageable and cost-effective for providers and patients,” said Gilbert. “The privacy and ease of accessing weight management resources from home is very empowering for patients. Consistent support is at their fingertips, helping them preserve their bariatric investment and their long-term health.”
Secure video appointments help surgeons reach out to geographically diverse patients in the early stages of bariatric research. On a larger scale, CloudVisit technology gives bariatric surgeons a way to ensure the long-term success of their patients. Whether through the surgeon directly or a team of weight maintenance counselors, patients receive face-to-face check-ins, health and progress monitoring, and custom-tailored support to keep them on track.
“Bariatric weight loss success stories are undoubtedly good for the surgeon, the practice, and their patients,” Gilbert added. “Ultimately, more widespread reductions in comorbidities like metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease are good for the healthcare system as a whole.”