Telepsychiatry Transforms Inmate Care, Cuts Costs

CloudVisit Telemedicine’s online video appointments facilitate safer, more cost-effective mental health support for correctional facilities, prison, and jails

Cold Spring, NY, Oct. 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — From the convenience for busy families to the much-needed access for those in remote geographies, telepsychiatry and telemedicine are becoming the cornerstones of 21st century medicine. Online psychiatric consultations have the power to improve the quality of life in our nation, but healthcare connectivity delivers far more than personal convenience. Online mental healthcare is also transforming state and federal programs, helping them conquer more affordable healthcare.
Correctional facilities continue to be challenged by shrinking budgets, expanding populations, and a growing need for psychiatric services. Corrections-based psychiatrists are essential to crisis response and suicide risk assessment, medication management, routine therapy and court-ordered forensic evaluations. Today, CloudVisit Telemedicine is helping prisons and jails meet these needs by providing safe, affordable, and HIPAA-compliant telepsychiatry.
“Telepsychiatry is a perfect fit for inmate psychiatric care,” says Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine. “It eliminates wasteful spending, attracts otherwise reluctant physicians, and creates an environment that is safer for all.”
Prison systems are required to provide adequate physical and metal healthcare to inmates, yet the high cost of doing so is often prohibitive. Very few qualified providers are willing to take on the travel and potential risks associated with on-site prison care. Those that do are typically paid a premium for their long-distance travel and face-to-face consultations with inmates.

Correctional facilities see major savings through telepsychiatry

A 2013 report on the usage of telepsychiatry in correctional facilities found that widespread adoption is leading to exponential efficiencies. In an extensive review of 49 sources across seven states, researchers documented an annual savings ranging between $12,000 and $4 million through the use of telepsychiatry at correctional facilities,

Telepsychiatry for inmates through CloudVisit Telemedicine:

  • Eliminates physician travel expenses
  • Optimizes physician salaries for treatment time
  • Decreases inmate transport, hospitalizations, and accompanying security costs



Psychiatric video consults: healthier inmates, safer doctors

The management of a safe prison environment can be largely improved by addressing the mental stability of its inmates. According to the National Bureau of Justice, more than 50 percent of inmates have a diagnosable mental illness, such as anxiety, bipolar disorders, and depression.
In a Kansas correctional facility telepsychiatry study, inmates reported less psychiatric distress during treatment and their psychiatrists indicated patient improvement,

Psychiatrist-to-inmate connectivity via CloudVisit Telemedicine:

  • Provides much-needed access to mental health support
  • Improves inmate wellness and stability
  • Leads to safer inmate interactions and improved living conditions
  • Increases long-term medication compliance
  • Eliminates physician safety concerns and helps attract more qualified providers
“CloudVisit provides an affordable way to deliver quality mental healthcare in almost every patient setting; and its structural efficiencies are unmatched,” Gilbert asserts. “We’re an optimal choice for government programs that face tremendous red tape for equipment and software purchases. CloudVisit doesn’t require either.”
A desktop or laptop, webcam, and broadband internet are all that’s needed to establish a fully HIPAA-compliant telepsychiatry system with CloudVisit. Sessions can easily be coordinated with remote physicians through an online calendar, while “Quick Session” tools are available to accommodate environments, such as correctional facilities, where patient needs may rapidly change.

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