Telemedicine: More Than Just Video Chat

Vital healthcare tool or virtual meeting room? Industry leader, CloudVisit Telemedicine shares tips for selecting a medically engineered telemedicine platform

COLD SPRING, NY – Patient demand for online appointments continues to grow. For providers, finding the right telemedicine partner can be a challenge. Price is often a driving factor, but building a sustainable online healthcare practice requires a balance of affordability and functionality. Whether you’re a single provider in need of occasional video appointments or a large healthcare institution with high-volume remote patients, you need a platform that speaks your language.
In the world of virtual meeting rooms and video chat technology, vast choices at a range of price points allow remote individuals to see one another face-to-face. For businesses, they offer efficiencies in collaboration and decision-making. For healthcare practices, they offer little more than a traditional phone call. They are not secure telemedicine solutions. In order to be successful and remain patient-centric, healthcare innovation must improve healthcare, not just communication. CloudVisit Telemedicine is doing just that with SaaS (software as a service) telemedicine and telepsychiatry solutions that knows medicine.
“A lot of platforms are touted as secure telehealth companies,” said Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine. “But the virtual meeting room concept is not designed for the security needs or day-to-day flow of a practice. And the open forum of a business meeting is not private or patient-focused.”

Some telemedicine tools are more virtual than vital 

In hopes of transitioning to the healthcare market, some web-based video companies are encouraging doctors to use their platforms. But buyer beware; these corporate-minded business solutions offer vague details on user data storage and encryption practices – information that’s vital to protected health information (PHI) and HIPAA compliance.
“Some companies, branded as secure telehealth, telemedicine, and telepsychiatry platforms, are simply renaming and marking up business tools with no additional features. CloudVisit brings much more to the table for a fraction of the price,” adds Gilbert.

CloudVisit: feature-rich, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine and telepsychiatry

CloudVisit Telemedicine’s sister company, Aurora Information Technology, Inc. has a ten-year history in web and software development for the healthcare industry. As a custom-built SaaS telemedicine and telepsychiatry platform, CloudVisit allows providers and patients to easily schedule and conduct online video appointments. With CloudVisit, PHI and session data are fully encrypted and guaranteed by a HIPAA-required Business Associate Agreement (BAA).
“We encourage providers to dig deep and know what they’re paying for. CloudVisit was designed specifically for the way healthcare practices operate, but many telemedicine platforms were not. Security and usability are our top priorities,” Gilbert said.

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