Telemedicine Can Be Used as a Marketing Tool in Medical Practices

CloudVisit Telemedicine Offers Medical Marketing Services Along With Its Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine software provider CloudVisit Telemedicine has proven that telemedicine solves major healthcare problems and evolves continuity of care for patients. The company also understands that telemedicine can be a great medical marketing tool for private practices and medical facilities eager to expand their patient networks beyond their geographic regions.

CloudVisit’s medical marketing services help providers announce their new telemedicine platform to existing patients, as well as to acquire new patients with the technology. Marketing services, done through CloudVisit, include medical website design, medical practice logo design, medical copywriting, content optimization, and custom print materials.

With each CloudVisit subscription, a provider receives a free portal and a white paper for patient registration directions intended for reception area use.

CloudVisit’s newest feature, mass patient importing, allows providers to invite all existing patients to telemedicine simultaneously. The new feature eliminates having to prompt each individual patient to visit a website and begin registration. CloudVisit sets up an account for each patient submitted through the mass patient import feature.

Marketing a newly-implemented telemedicine platform is crucial for a medical practice. Patients must understand the level of convenience that telemedicine offers. Once understood, behaviors change, referrals begin and telemedicine utilization grows.

“Our marketing services boost patient engagement,” says Daniel Gilbert, CloudVisit CEO and founder. “Proper marketing results in optimal utilization of the platform, securing ROI.”

CloudVisit Telemedicine is HIPAA-compliant, and offers unlimited video sessions and patient accounts. Practice management features within the system include interactive appointment calendars, secure session notes, document sharing, and billing. CloudVisit launched its telemedicine mobile app in March of 2011, and continues to add features to exceed patient requests and offer ultimate convenience for providers and patients.