MRO Software Company, CloudVisit, Celebrates 15 Years: From Telemedicine to Remote Inspection Software

Fifteen years ago, CloudVisit provided website and software development for doctors and hospitals, eventually expanding into telemedicine. Now, the company has grown to provide remote inspection project achievement software. CloudVisit offers MRO software solutions for numerous industries and provides aviation softwareenergy softwareconstruction softwaretransportation softwaremaritime software, and telecommunication software. CloudVisit has grown in size and reach—and now its leading software has the potential to change inspections and the maintenance, repair and overhaul processes around the world.

Remote Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Solutions For Many Industries

After developing telemedicine and telepsychiatry software, CloudVisit expanded into telecommunications. From there, CEO and Founder Daniel Gilbert concluded that many industries were grappling with similar problems: a scarcity of experts, a need to increase safety, and the constant pressure to cut costs while producing a competitive service with outstanding quality. Gilbert soon understood that CloudVisit’s software could relieve these problems across multiple industries, and developed industry-specific software to do just that. This new generation of software is known as project achievement software.

Using CloudVisit’s project achievement software, doctors and inspectors can work remotely. This reduces travel, as well as compensation for on site workers waiting for an inspector to arrive. The maintenance and inspection processes are recorded through video and audio recordings, captured images, and chats, and everything is stored in the cloud. Cloud storage ensures a record of safety while increasing quality assurance.

“Industries think that their problems are unique, but really there are many similarities. And if there is a solution then why not make it accessible to everyone?” Gilbert asked. CloudVisit’s software is expanding to cover even more industries, and currently serves:

o   Remote Aviation Maintenance Software: Remote aircraft inspections mean quicker maintenance and repairs to maximize safety and quality assurance.

o   Solutions for Renewable Energy Inspections: CloudVisit remote maintenance and repair software can be used to approve inspections in the wind, solar, water, and nuclear energy as well as hydrogen fuel cells and natural gas.

o   Remote Construction MRO: Ensure commercial and residential building meet the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and zoning requirements.

o   Motor Vehicle Inspection: Project achievement software can be used to maximize quality control in motor vehicle inspections and decrease inspection time.

o   Telecommunication MRO Software: CloudVisit’s videoconference-based platform supports collaboration to optimize workflow.

o   Telemedicine and Telehealth Examinations: CloudVisit’s videoconference-based platform supports doctor-patient relationships in both telemedicine and telepsychiatry.

o   Maritime Vessel Inspections: Project achievement software empowers experts to remotely approve maritime vessel inspections.

CloudVisit’s Software Is Secure and Scalable To Optimize Collaboration

“The key is collaboration,” Gilbert explained. CloudVisit software’s design enhances communication, so decisions are made rapidly and with increased accuracy. On site, technicians can quickly schedule high-definition video conferences with remotely-based experts. Video conferences, as well as images, audio and video recordings of the maintenance process, and chats can be recorded and stored in the cloud. Inspectors can annotate images by drawing or writing on them, ensuring specific information about the needed repairs is accurately conveyed. All data is stored in the cloud and easily. This multitude of data empowers experts to make faster decisions and maximizes the quality of inspection while reducing the inspection time.

Of course, with all this data in the cloud, CloudVisit has the highest security measures to protect privacy and ensure security for every procedure. CloudVisit’s software includes encrypted communications and more. There is also multifactor authentication and numerous user roles and security permissions.

Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence

“It has been a journey,” Gilbert noted. When he first founded CloudVisit, Gilbert knew he had a highly scalable and versatile platform to offer, but he didn’t foresee exactly how all the pieces would fall together. he didn’t foresee exactly how all the pieces would fall together, and how many industries were in need of his service. “We’ve learned a lot, and we’re excited to see what the next 15 years will bring.”

CloudVisit provides leading remote inspection software solutions across multiple industries. This software enables experts to inspect projects from their office and can lead to reduced travel time as well as overtime paid to on site workers waiting for the inspectors to arrive. CloudVisit project achievement software currently serves many industries, including Construction, Aviation, Maritime, Transportation, and Telemedicine, and is expanding. Our company is backed by 15 years of success in software programming, video conferencing and telecommunications with a proven record of excellence, efficiency and security. For questions about our quality control and inspection software, or to request a no-obligation demo, call 845-809-5770.


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